RIP Robo Purse

Well, the Robo Purse had a great four day lifespan before the cr*p plastic handles from Joann broke. No pressure, nothing heavy in the bag, absolutely no reason other than they were poor quality and the silver hardware-thing split, so now I have only one and one half handles on my bag. This simply won't do. My things have been moved back into my trusty Betsy Johnson bag, purchased on eBay last year for just $13 (including shipping, I know, I know, I'm good).
What have I learned - this blog is suppose to be about learning, you know - not to buy cheap plastic handles at Joann. They didn't strike me as amazing anyway, just convenient. My Grandma sent me some links to purse-related websites, my favorite of which being www.tallpoppycraft.com. I only spent a few minuets on the site, but from what I saw they have great prices and a heckuva lot more to offer than Joann's. 
I particularly like these shapely green acrylic handles. I think this was the modern look I was going for with the Robo Purse but didn't quite hit. 

And these heart pine handles are just downright stylish. I'm picturing these with a minimalist bag in a dark graphic print. Dark red and turquoise, maybe?

It's only Wednesday and I have already done some sewing, just waiting on photos. Stay tuned to see my first attempt at cloning and drafting. 

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