Not giving up yet & I'm a winner!

Have I been blogging? No. Have I been sewing? Yes!
I've made up New Look 6873 view B out of a purple and blue print swiss dot cotton from fabric.com, using french seams. The fabric is intended for shirting, but it's so hot here I'm just fine with a thinner skirt. I just cut out view C out of a brocade from fabric.com as well, and hope to finish it by Thursday to wear to the next Scottsdale Sister Cities Annual meeting where I will be presenting photos from my exchange to Switzerland in October. This time I plan to use a full lining instead of just a facing on the waistband as the instructions have you do.

I did a really fun DIY project, turning a pillowcase I found at goodwill into a retro-inspired skirt. The pillowcase had the coolest tree print, and it was actually a very simple project. I cut it open at the seems and gathered all the one strip of the fabric, reserved for the waistband, into the skirt. I'm on the lookout for a really great little button to finish this.

I'm considering my first attempt at McCall 5548 a muslin, as it deffinantly was not wearable but did teach me a lot about the pattern. I made another muslin with my first set of alterations to the pattern. I took two inches out from the center AND one inch from the side of both the front and back pattern pieces (thats thats six inches from each cut, whew) and the top is still dreadfully too large, even with the elastic and attached ruffle (which was downsized to fit as well). I think that one more inch from the center of each piece and about four inches in length will make it perfect.

What else? Well. I've been bad. I've had two orders from fabric.com come in, but I'm just telling myself its alright because I need to accumulate a stash anyway. I have several jersey knits as well as a really great cotton print I intend to use for McCall's 5577 when I have a little bit more time. I'd love to make a casual sundress out of the 2.5 yards of tomato-red knit I got on sale.

I'm also going to challenge myself to a little bit of RTW duplication. This skirt is from Forever 21 - which basically means that it is a knockoff of a 'real' designer. I purchased 2 yards of black and white gingham, but each yard is a different spacing. I'm excited for this one, as I might get to try my hand at drafting a bit. I'd love to hear pattern suggestions if anyone comes across something similar!

AANNDD - Lisa over at The Hem Line is so awesomely generous. I won three vintage patterns! They are all just a few inches off in the bust, but that just means I get to learn how to grade. (I've been studying)

Internet, how do you feel about exposed zippers?

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