15 Minuets to May 1st

I wanted to post my self-imposed Me-Made-May-Lite rules before the month of May actually begins. I will be wearing 1 article of clothing produced by my own hand each day, excluding pajamas and gym clothes. I will include refashioned items, simply because I don't have very many me-made items right now. If, for any reason, I cannot wear either a Me-Made top, bottom or dress, I will allow myself an emergency exception if I wear 2 me made accessories - such as a bag and a hair scarf, for example. This option will only be utilized in an absolute laundry emergency, which I certainly hope to avoid.

I am taking the SAT tomorrow morning and have my green Simplicity 2863 set out with a pair of jeans. The top is comfy and that is exactly what I need for a long standardized test like this. I've taken the SAT once before, in December, but am taking it again just to maximize my scores. Wish me luck!

I also cut and sewed up New Look 6178 view E in the border print rayon Challis. I absolutely love it so far. It was really quick, which I needed, and I used bias tape to finish the waist. I just need to take 5 minuets to attach the ties and put up photos.

My next project will need to be a top, because I only have 1 Me-Made top right now. Possibly the HotPatterns Riviera Once, Twice, Three Times a Tshirt pattern, although I've read a lot about people needing to redraft the funky neckline on that and I'd really like a quick fix so I have something new to wear for Me Made May by the end of the weekend. Kwik Sew 3395 (pictured) is also an option, but I don't know how gung-ho on gathers I am right now. I also like McCall's 5853 view A, but I don't have any fabrics that seem appropriate for this top. Any thoughts?


Prom & new projects

Prom was last weekend and I just wanted to share a quick picture. The dress is Adian Mattox. The theme was arabian nights, and this prompted me to get mehndi done on my hand. I've wanted it for a while and haven't had a reason. I met a wonderful Indian woman at my favorite Indian food restaurant in Tempe who mentioned that she does henna. Her English is limited, which made the experience exciting because I honestly had no idea what I was getting.

This was the final result. I loved it. It's been on for over a week now and still looks fresh. The boyfriend and I had a really great time, and you could really tell that StuGo went over their ridiculous 23,000 budget. 

For now, I'm trying to decide on my next project. Either the striped version of the HP Riviera T shirt, or New Look 6178 view E, a short wrap skirt suitable for my border print rayon challis from fabric.com.

McCall's 6070

I finished McCall's 6070 last night and wore it to school today.

I lightened the pictures quite a bit so you can see the dress a bit better. I used a 100% organic cotton jersey knit from Fabric.com. The dress was really great at first, but after a day of wear had stretched out in the most unfortunate way...

Now, I'm a fairly curvy girl, but uh, thats not all me. The sagging and bagging from where the fabric stretched is really pronounced. Before I started sitting down, it looked awesome though. Since it's 100% cotton, I'm hoping that a quick ride in the dryer will help restore its shape. If not, I might try deliberately stretching the bottom to even it out and prevent bagging.

 I love the shape of the bodice. I had to use tighter elastic than called for to get it to fit my waist, however, and the bust is certainly a bit loose. I cut and made a 12 straight from the envelope, but I'm thinking I could have gone a size smaller. 
I do plan to make this again, maybe cut short as a top. If I do I'll take about 1'' of length from the bodice and maybe a bit from the sides to help fit my small bust better and hopefully give a more empire line. 
Overall, it's comfy and easy to throw on, which is exactly what I wanted. I wore it with cute blueish earrings and sandals. 

The pattern review is here. I was the first to review it!



In order from oldest to most currently completed.

New Look 6873 view B, minus the ribbon, in a cotton swiss dot print from Fabric.com. I was too terribly lazy to iron it tonight, but the pleats came out nicely. Theyre as even as I could ask for on a first try.

The Goodwill pillowcase in gorgeous green tree print was turned into a skirt, most easily I might ad. To make this drindl-style skirt I tore out the side seam and cut the narrow end open, cut about 2'' off for the waistband and gathered the rest lightly. I'm really happy with the shape, tulip-y but high waisted enough to be flattering. I'm deffinantly on the lookout for other fun pillowcases.

See how cute the print is? I love tree trunks.

The final skirt was inspired by Modcloth.com's Spray Paint Skirt

It's pretty much a skirt with two rows of elastic at the waistband. Looked easy enough to replicate.

Mine has a lot more fabric gathered. It's made from a 100% cotton quilting fabric I purchased in Chico over spring break. The print is very retro, cute greenish circles with white dots. 
I think my version could have used some sha[ing and an actual pattern like the photo, but I'll be content for one nights' work.

I'd love to hear some feedback regarding the skirts. I'm here to learn.


Simplicity 2863

This is my less-than-satisfying version of Simplicity's Built By Wendy #2863 pattern, in view C. I used a 100% cotton knit from JoAnns on this, a fabric I really love. It's soft and delicate, and I'm a sucker for anything grass-green.
I went into this fully understanding that this is meant to be an oversized, slouchy top with  high neckline and button tabbed, cut-in sleeves. What I left with was an oversized rectangle with a slit at the top and too big button tabs. The neckline is so wide and the sleeve placement so off that my already wide shoulders are reminiscent of a line-backer. Not my best look, really.
**Please ignore the blue wrapping, I donated blood today.

Is it wearable? Eh, I suppose so. The neckline, which I folded down 2 inches further than it called for and is still unreasonably high, makes this shirt easy to wear off the shoulder, which I suppose makes it look a bit more intentional. I didn't bother finding "perfect" buttons or hemming this, as it is essentially a muslin now.
I say muslin because I feel that this would be an easy pattern to alter. Only 2 pieces really, and all that needs to be done is width taken off a bit. I can do this.
The pattern review is here.
More backlogged projects to come in the next few days!



I'm a terrible blogger. Really. This blog was intended to be a journal of my progress and whatnot, and instead it's been tossed and forgotten for lousy reasons such as:
a) Camera was lost
b) Cell phone was broken
c) The shirt was ugly, anyway
d) I feel like taking a nap.

There! I've come clean. I've been lazy. But, I have been sewing, and I do have several more garments to show. So, my plan is to take photos of them this weekend and blog the backlog of projects over the next 2 weeks while my exchange student, Alissia, is here. She'll be staying in my sewing room so I won't be sewing.

On another note, I've been religiously reading all of So-Zo's Me-Made-March experiment. She successfully wore only things created by her own hand for 1 month. I absolutely admire that. So, when she announced that she plans to do a Me-Made-May, and was looking for others to join her team, I decided that this was absolutely doable for me as she is offering a "Lite" version. Essentially I will wear at least 1 item made by myself every day. I just don't have enough me-made clothes to participate fully, and the Arizona heat will limit a few of what I have already sewn.
Hopefully Me-Made-May will encourage me to sew more often, increase my productivity, and give me insight into how realistic making my own clothing on a long term basis is. I have high hopes.
With only 1 week of April to work with at the very end, I'm going to need to do some serious sewing. Before I begin I figure I'm going to need to make
-1 bag, preferably large and big for school and purse useage. HotPatterns "Nomad Hobo" free download from fabric.com, maybe, but I'm open to other suggestions
-at least 2 simple knit tops. I have the HotPatterns Riviera Once, Twice, Three times a T-shirt pattern and I think this will go great with a blue and white stripe cotton/poly knit I found at SAS a few weeks ago.
-1 more skirt, preferably in a neutral color like black or dark green. (I'm not a fan of navy)
-1 girly but casual sundress

So, those are my sewing goals for the next 6 weeks or so. If anyone else is interested in joining Me-Made-May[Lite], go to Zo's blog. She has excellent information and you can read about her experience with Me-Made-March.