Things that make me smile

1. Movenpick ice cream

2. Cute china bits from antique stores (especially at 3 francs for 2 little espresso sets)

3. Angie's Perfect Piping Tutorial

4. Metal buttons on wool coats

5. Sweetheart neck lines (Modcloth)

6. Thrifted fabric

7. "Catch me in your net" Nail Polish by O.P.I., which I've been wearing for weeks and just saw in this month's Nylon magazine

8. Piping, which I'm now obsessed with (see #3) (ModCloth)

9. St. Gallen Bratwurst

10. The tippy top of a ferris wheel

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That red skirt is something, are you going to make one like it? And I love the espresso cups too. Looks like you are having a great time--I am jealous :( I spent my holiday at my mother's helping out with some things she needed done.