Sort of Sewing...

Vogue 2811 (red version), official progress report:
-Fly zip is fully installed and topstitched to perfection. Only took 4.5+trillion tries
-Decided I wanted buttoned flaps on top of the back pockets, so I drew up a pattern piece for one
-back flap #1 is sewn and pressed, back flap #2 needs to be cut and sewn (...it was late, I sort of forgot to cut two!)
-fit forecast is promising, I pinned the sides together and tried it on last night, looks very good. 
-skirt is thoroughly covered in cat hair, courtesy Boston


  1. Ha Ha! You can hide from cat hair it is everywhere if you have a cat. But with Dobermans I can just say "Oh, an eyelash!." Tee hee, unless there are a jillion of them then you can not fool anybody.