New Look 6873 - from UFO to FO in one evening!

I started this skirt almost a solid year ago. I didn't make a very good choice matching this fabric to a pattern. I used New Look 6873, which I've made it before here out of a lightweight swiss-dot cotton. This fabric is a Vera Lavender brocade from fabric.com last year, and it's gorgeous. Carolyn and Elizabeth have made gorgeous garments from this fabric. It's really pretty. Unfortunately, when I was working on this skirt last year I didn't know anything about working with thicker fabrics, so I was using french seams to construct it. This makes the pockets beautiful inside and out, but the waistband is unfortunately bumpy. 

Well, I pulled the project out Tuesday night and brought it to class. I ripped out the disgusting hem - I had pinched fabric along the way to accommodate for the curved hem, not pretty - and serged off about 2 inches to get rid of the damage. I also took out the bumpy lapped zip and installed an invisible zipper - my first! - and pressed the life of of it. The skirt looks tenfold better. I still need to blind hem it by hand, but blah blah, it's done. 

A close up of the side pockets. Boston threw her paw in, too. 

The less-than-perfect waistband facing. I used a french seam to attach the waistband, and that causes it to lay a little funny because of the bulk. I might go back and rip this all out later, but with a good press it's just fine for now. 

The pockets from the inside of the skirt - I love the french seams for this! They turned out very pretty and were smart for this ravely fabric. 

In Vogue 2811 news...

I resized the pattern and cut a new one out of a fabulous dark red cotton denim I almost missed at SAS. It's much darker than this photo shows, more of a burgundy. I was working on this at home and didn't have the serger like I do in class, so I spent a LOT of time zigzagging around the edges of all pieces with the shortest stitch possible. I have the front faux-pockets on and topstitched, the back darts sewn and pockets prepared, and the fly zip is halfway done. I hope to get the zipper and back pockets done tonight.

This is the original Vogue 2811 skirt. I abandoned this half way through after I accidentally cut off the zipper pull when shortening the zipper. It made me super frustrated, and I tossed it aside. It was way too small, anyway. I probably will finish this skirt and give it to Ashley for Christmas. She's tinnier than me, and leggier. 

My plan is to finish the Vogue 2811 skirts, finish a little knit top that just needs a hem, and then start on a jacket for myself. I'm still not in love with Vogue 8623 as a jacket pattern - so I'd love suggestions!

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