My camera is out of service, as is my old cell phone. The new one doesn't have much of a camera, so I won't even bother trying to post pictures from it. Project photos are coming.

    I have NL 6873 view C about done. It needs a zipper and a hem, seam finish here and there. I've abandoned that project for a bit because it doesn't sit at my waist like I had envisioned, but instead rather low near my hips. I cut a size smaller than the last one with the fit in mind, but it doesn't seem to have helped. I can't remedy the fit without redoing the pockets entirely, which turned out nicely but where a pain in the arse.
    However, I had my friend A try it on and it looks so much better on her. Thats always the big joke between us - if it looks horrible on me she'll look like a model in it and vice versa. We have exactly the opposite body types. I'm big on bottom and very small on top with a very defined waist. She's busty and has long thin legs. This has lead to many an outfit swap.

    Still no button for my Vintage-y tree skirt, but I have been wearing it with a safety pin anyway. The zipper on my NL 6873 view B got off track and I can't for the life of me fix it, so I'm going to need to install a new one. I think I might take the hem up a few inches in the process.

    I found a fairly decent fabric store locally, SAS Fabric by the pound. They actually do weigh out quilting cotton, but for most fabrics they cut yards. It's an interesting store. Mostly cuts of fabric pilled on tables, riffling through is tedious but rewarding. I found two really wonderful knits there in grey and purple. They also had an amazing selection of trims and buttons, I'll deffinantly be notion shopping there. Photos to come.
    I went home to Chico, CA for spring break and of course I had to checkout our local fabric store, The Rabbit Hole. It's exclusively a quilting store, but I walked out with a very light black&white print that I think will be suitable for a Spring skirt, as well as three colorful cuts I'd like to use for makeup bags and maybe a new purse. Photos to come.

    I was lucky enough to find an issue of BurdaStyle in Chico's Barnes and Noble. None of the Scottsdale locations carry it, I've asked. There are several patterns I'd like to try in this issue, but I've heard that Burda patterns are more difficult than they let on and their instructions are minimal to say the least, so I might hold off a bit on trying one. I picked up a copy of Built by Wendy Dresses, and I'm excited to read and work from that. I have plenty of projects in the meantime, including Simplicity Built by Wendy 2863 cut out in a grape-green stretch cotton jersey. This fabric is so light and soft, and the color is gorgeous and brings out the red tones in my hair.

   I want to start setting realistic goals for myself, and I think by announcing them to you, Internet, I will be more motivated to complete them because I'll be accountable to more than just myself. So, my goals for the following week are:
        1.Photograph all fabric purchases and completed projects
        2. Sew Simplicity 2863
        3. Decided upon and obtain a pattern to begin knocking off the Forever 21 Gingham skirt mentioned in an earlier post.

I think thats a fair set for my week!

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