I'm a terrible blogger. Really. This blog was intended to be a journal of my progress and whatnot, and instead it's been tossed and forgotten for lousy reasons such as:
a) Camera was lost
b) Cell phone was broken
c) The shirt was ugly, anyway
d) I feel like taking a nap.

There! I've come clean. I've been lazy. But, I have been sewing, and I do have several more garments to show. So, my plan is to take photos of them this weekend and blog the backlog of projects over the next 2 weeks while my exchange student, Alissia, is here. She'll be staying in my sewing room so I won't be sewing.

On another note, I've been religiously reading all of So-Zo's Me-Made-March experiment. She successfully wore only things created by her own hand for 1 month. I absolutely admire that. So, when she announced that she plans to do a Me-Made-May, and was looking for others to join her team, I decided that this was absolutely doable for me as she is offering a "Lite" version. Essentially I will wear at least 1 item made by myself every day. I just don't have enough me-made clothes to participate fully, and the Arizona heat will limit a few of what I have already sewn.
Hopefully Me-Made-May will encourage me to sew more often, increase my productivity, and give me insight into how realistic making my own clothing on a long term basis is. I have high hopes.
With only 1 week of April to work with at the very end, I'm going to need to do some serious sewing. Before I begin I figure I'm going to need to make
-1 bag, preferably large and big for school and purse useage. HotPatterns "Nomad Hobo" free download from fabric.com, maybe, but I'm open to other suggestions
-at least 2 simple knit tops. I have the HotPatterns Riviera Once, Twice, Three times a T-shirt pattern and I think this will go great with a blue and white stripe cotton/poly knit I found at SAS a few weeks ago.
-1 more skirt, preferably in a neutral color like black or dark green. (I'm not a fan of navy)
-1 girly but casual sundress

So, those are my sewing goals for the next 6 weeks or so. If anyone else is interested in joining Me-Made-May[Lite], go to Zo's blog. She has excellent information and you can read about her experience with Me-Made-March.

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  1. Yay! Great to have you on board! Cannot wait to see your handmade items in use! Good luck with the final week's sewing that you intend to do. Maybe you could get all the fabric and notions ready whilst your exchange student is still here? It's going to be a fun month, all the best! Zoe x