Why I haven't been sewing

It's official. Ashley has moved out of the house and into her dorm at NAU. I loved her staying with us and surprisingly, so did my mom. We had a crazy few weeks. 

Ash was sleeping in the spare bedroom/sewing space. For a while I had just barely enough space on the desk to sew, but the daffodil tank is all I had managed to sew when my fabric shelves fell down. It was a huge mess and even after everything was put away and re-folded, there was absolutely no space. Instead, we got a new distraction...

Meet Boston! Ashley and I saved her from the Euthanasia list. Boston is about four months old and very well behaved. She's already been spayed and litter trained - so we got the fun part! Boston is curious, ambitious and fearless. She also has super-soft kitten fur. Yes!

Ashley left for Flagstaff, AZ and moved into her dorm on Tuesday. I drove up the next day to bring the rest of her stuff. 

NAU has such a pretty campus, her dorm looks awesome and I know Ashley is going to do really well there. 

I'm still in Scottsdale finishing high school, working at Jason's Deli, and sewing when I can. Sewing post coming soon, I promise!


  1. Hi, thanks for your sweet comment! Your kitten is too adorable for words...love!
    I liked your yellow tank top. Very professional finish. The buttons up the font look beautifully done.

  2. Jason's Deli! We used to go to one in Little Rock--that place was always packed. You and Ashley look great in the photo--that will be a fun memory when you get to be little old ladies :) Kittens are sweet! But my girls would want to put it on a cracker with some cream cheese for a snack. But they are great watch dogs--UPS puts the package on the door step, rings the bell and runs!