The "Right" Way

Well folks, I gave up. Not on sewing, of course, but on teaching myself to sew. I signed up for a clothing construction course on Tuesday nights at Mesa Community College. It's a bit of a drive, about 25 minuets, but completely worth it. Not only will this class count as my fine arts credit to graduate high school (would you believe that in 3 years I've never taken a non-academic elective? No wonder I'm such a nerd!) but I will be able to tackle "scary" projects with a knowledgeable professor helping me when I need it.

Tonight was my first class. Last week was the first class of the semester, but I showed up this week and caught on. I had brought some fabric with me, just in case, not really knowing what else I'd need. We are suppose to sew skirts from a commercial pattern. I didn't have a pattern with me, so I just did a bit of measuring, drafted a pocket by tracing my hand, and went off to do a little drindl skirt action. The only requirements is that our skirt have a waistband and a zipper. I'm essentially remaking my pillowcase skirt, with a center back seam for a zipper and pockets at the side seams. The fabric is a gorgeous, gorgeous black cotton with blue and purple flowers and gold detailing. It was only labeled as "cotton" at SAS, but lord knows how acurate that place is because I'm almost positive this is a rayon challis. At $3/ yard, I dont care much either way.

On the sewing table:
-Vogue 8623 coat project for the Trench Sew-along
-Drindl skirt for class
-Simplicity 2364 view D, done and awaiting hem

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  1. Good for you! I thought about taking classes but at $20 an hour I choked. As slow as I go I would have spent way too much money before I finished the garment.