In order from oldest to most currently completed.

New Look 6873 view B, minus the ribbon, in a cotton swiss dot print from Fabric.com. I was too terribly lazy to iron it tonight, but the pleats came out nicely. Theyre as even as I could ask for on a first try.

The Goodwill pillowcase in gorgeous green tree print was turned into a skirt, most easily I might ad. To make this drindl-style skirt I tore out the side seam and cut the narrow end open, cut about 2'' off for the waistband and gathered the rest lightly. I'm really happy with the shape, tulip-y but high waisted enough to be flattering. I'm deffinantly on the lookout for other fun pillowcases.

See how cute the print is? I love tree trunks.

The final skirt was inspired by Modcloth.com's Spray Paint Skirt

It's pretty much a skirt with two rows of elastic at the waistband. Looked easy enough to replicate.

Mine has a lot more fabric gathered. It's made from a 100% cotton quilting fabric I purchased in Chico over spring break. The print is very retro, cute greenish circles with white dots. 
I think my version could have used some sha[ing and an actual pattern like the photo, but I'll be content for one nights' work.

I'd love to hear some feedback regarding the skirts. I'm here to learn.

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