I'm spoiled

The green-eyed monster took ahold of my eBay account yesterday. I had no idea what I was doing. I mean really, over $10 for a pattern? Thats a little much for me.

Vintage McCall's 3633 from 1956. It's a gathered-neckline halter with a criss-cross back. I think the back is even closed with buttons! I'm really excited about this one - it's not even in the Vintage Pattern Wiki

So, even though it was pricey by my standards - $12 - I'm glad I won that bidding war. I'm going to have a gorgeous new party top

While I was in California, I drove to Sac to see my Oma (grandmother) and Opa (grandfather). My Oma never liked sewing much, but she did quite a bit of it after moving to the US to marry my Opa. I was telling her about some of my recent projects when she offered to give me a few of the materials she had leftover from the massive garage sale of '89. Enter my newest friend

McCall's Step-by-Step Sewing Book, circa 1967. There are tons of instructions and diagrams, both photographed and drawn.

I have not yet scoured it cover to cover, but I did look AT the cover. My Oma had scribbles all over it.

"McCall's 9097" is written on the front. My dear friend Vintage Pattern Wiki had it listed

Cute, right? My Oma has good taste, thats for sure. I could totally see me her wearing view A. 

I'm trying frantically to finish my self-drafted tank so I can start the other designer knockoff I had planned, and then make myself a new makeup bag, camera case & laptop cover - all before Thursday. 


  1. I like the new/vintage pattern, but I always wonder who can button me up? It's not easy reaching those buttons in the back to do it yourself. Yoga might help :) I have a big collection of vintage sewing books and they are wonderful and I have learned lots from them. Link to books: http://summersetsewing.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-new-sewing-library.html

    Looking forward to seeing your new self-drafted shirt!

  2. Cool, a laptop cover. Are you using a pattern for that?

  3. I was thinking the same about the button-back! I very well might just sew them on for fun and hide a side zip instead. You know, if I can figure out how to do that. lol.

    Sophie - Nope, mines nothing fancy. Measure laptop, added about an 1'' for seam allowance and room for the padding I'm using. Pretty much a padded rectangle with a giant purple zipper :)

  4. I love your halter top pattern! Never mind about the price - think how much it would cost to buy the garment ;) - well that's my excuse!!