Sewing with knits this often is going to require Costco-sized Advil

I am lucky enough to have a very generous, albeit intermittent, father who learned of my trip to Zurich this summer and decided that my 4 year old Kodakwhatever wasn't going to cut it. I'm sure that readers of this blog will agree - the photo quality isn't great. Enter my gorgeous new Canon Powershot SX120 IS

I made a quick trip home to Chico, CA (norcal!) for a long weekend before I head to Zurich, and took advantage of  employed my lovely friend Alex as photographer. This is the McCall's 6121 tunic I made as a swimsuit coverup. 

I used a white solid/transparent stripe knit from my recent SAS haul. I've really been on a stripes kick lately. I pretty much adore stripes for summer, much like my love of the color emerald in winter (or whatever that slightly-less-hot season is here in AZ). 

Back to sewing; the tunic went together really smoothly as it's comprised of only 2 real seams and a few narrow hems. I can handle that. 

My only critique of the pattern would be that the armholes are a tad snug, but this very well might be my own fault. I laid out the fabric to match the stripes, set the pattern on top unpinned, and left to babysit. When I came home Auggie (cat) had clearly held a little party in my sewing room, and the front pattern piece was pretty damaged. Then again, I did do a decent patch job, so the blame is up in the air. 

I really love this swim coverup because it's a nice, neutral white and will go with literally all of my swimsuits. I'm a swimsuit hoarder. I've got at least 10 tops and 5 or 6 bottoms. The one pictured is a black and white stripe bikini. Summer stripes; told you. 

I'm about to board my flight home to Arizona, so I'll leave by asking what you guys think of the photo quality (forgive my terrible modeling skills, will work on that). I leave for Zurich on Thursday and have way too many things I wanted to sew before I leave, so I better get crackin'. I have a self-drafted tank knockoff to hem and photograph tomorrow - stay tuned! 

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  1. Looks great! Congrats on the new camera. Wish I had one of those!