Why the Rubys never were

Maybe it was the fabric, maybe it was the pattern, or maybe I was just way too optimistic, but regardless my Rubies were not mean to be. The Ruby Short Sew-Along was hosted by Lisette of What Would Nancy Drew Wear? (formerly Vintage or Bust!).

Let me start by saying that I wanted these shorts to be fabulous, I really did. So much so that I actually made a muslin, from a 100% cotton print. I think that is where the trouble began.

I cut and stitched up a straight 38 based on my measurements. The muslin let me know to take in the waist at the top a bit more, so I made the back darts a tad more severe and folded over a little bit of ease at the top. This should have made the shorts perfect.

Perfect, ha.

My fashion fabric was probably the cause of everything.

This is how the fabric looked once the grain was lined up. The entire cut was crooked and somehow the grainline was screwy. This fabric, though a medium weight, was also quite slippery. I took extreme precaution when cutting it for this exact reason, to no avail.

None of the pieces matched up properly, the markings were off, and each piece's fabric was a different length. I have no idea when this all happened, because I was ridiculously careful cutting this from-hell fabric. 

These photos are as far as the Rubys got before I gave up. The fit was terrible. I had to take larger and larger seam allowances for them to fit, and then the legs suddenly gained volume and started to flare in a really unflattering way. 

I think the major issue was the fabric I choose. The pattern is very good, and lots of BurdaStyle members have had success with it. So far as the other sew-alongers...

Ali's turned out gorgeous
Nancy apparently has hers finished and is apparently withholding photos 
I'm not sure about Eleanor's Ruby-status 
Lisette is near-finishing and hers are looking cute and crabby

I hope that the other stitchers will end up with great shorts from this pattern. I can't see myself trying them again, however, simply because of the trauma of this experience. 

On the bright side, the Trench Coat Sew-Along round 2 is alive and pattern discussion is well underway. I've chosen Vogue 8623 - a peacoat-length style with a huge collar and back pleats. I also succumbed to fabric-sale pressure and ordered (among other things) Tropical Worsted Wool Suiting in ivory and grey from fabric.com's recent deal-of-the-day special.

I'm happily trotting around Switzerland, still. I leave for Germany early Monday Morning and will be in Spain the following week. Tough life :)

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  1. Aw, that stinks. I occasionally get crooked cuts and it just ruins everything, doesn't it?
    Good luck on your trenchcoat! I love coats but don't have the time to sew them.