Rant, Rant, Rant. SATC 2

I'm going to try to avoid spoilers and profanity, but no promises.

The movie started off with the up-beat, sparkly vibe of the first SATC movie. This mood was quickly swapped, and the entire film went on a 2 HOUR tangent where absolutely nothing was learned or accomplished, just to come back to the SATC mood towards the very end. The movie begins with, "Hey, everything is awesome and glamourous and we have everything we've ever wanted!" and ends similarly, with monogamy noted more strongly. 

It's like the producers went in like, "We've got the girls, lets just dress them up and show them doing some swanky stuff. Don't forget to use lots of cheap product placements. This fake quote sponsored by Mercedes Benz"

I question weather or not a screenplay was even written. Really, there is NO organization or chronology to this movie. Each obstacle is solved within 5 minuets with little to no effort. 

The very worst part is, there wasn't even much candy by ways of fashion. Don't get me wrong, there were a few awesome dresses. But, for every awesome dress, there were about five that were just WRONG. I mean, WRONG. We're talking ill-fitting, inappropriate, depressingly over-adorned costuming. There was a scene were Carrie wore what appeared to be a skirt made from a garment bag and a knock-off turned cut-out T-shirt bought in Chinatown. 

The photo I choose is from the girls' march through the desert, where they fawn over their amazing outfits. Please, please tell me I'm not mistaken; those outfits are MESSED up.

Please, don't ask me about the bizarre hairstyles either. My poor, SJP & SATC worshiping soul can't take it. 

And, just because I think it unwise to leave on a bad note, I'll share my favorite part of the movie. There was one redeeming scene where the girls retain their original characters. In it, Samantha violates middle eastern custom with props and, uh, sign language. Cheap humor, but I'll take it. 


  1. obviously the costume designer failed to head tim gunn's warning against becoming too, eh, COSTUMEY. bummer.

  2. The whole SATC thing is ridiculous. Real people don't dress like Brat dolls and real women would get STD's or worse behaving this way. I appreciate the attempt at showing women as successful and independent but everything is done with such a heavy hand. This has become more like a cartoon than anything and the clothes really make that point I think. Geeze, don't get me started!