Greetings from UFO -land

This OOP vogue skirt has been cut out and added to my (seamingly) never-ending pile of UFOs. And now, for your entertainment, a tally of my ADHD sewing habits:

-McCall's 5853 that needs bias binding
-underwear pattern that has been traced, cut and perfected from an existing pair of underwear and needs to be made up for finality's sake
-floral drindl skirt from the last post
-Jeans re-fashion
-pillowcase re-fashion
-two pairs of monster pajama bottoms
-and now the above skirt, which I am (way too) ambitiously attempting to make for my skirt project in class

Will someone shed some light on how to manage, store, and complete sewing projects orderly? Am I the only one this scatterbrained? Will the new season of Glee ever start? 

(*New theory. I sew more when I have glee to watch whilst I do so)

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that skirt makes me think of the song "Hip, hip, hip, hippy chick". It's got a 60's vibe to it. Maybe something to do with the fabric design of stripes combined with the low on the hips and high on the thigh. Oh I am giving you a beautiful blogger award. Stop by the blog and check it out.