Beautiful Bloggers!

Wow, I feel so special :) Kathy at Summerset Sewing nominated me for a beautiful blogger award. How cool is that? In addition to sewing, Kathy blogs about gardening, swaps, and of course her two big ol' doggies.

I am suppose to tell you ten things about myself, then pass the award along. 

1. I love baking and decorating cakes. I don't decorate cakes as much as I used to, but I still have a lot of fun making the odd birthday cake here and there. I actually have awards from the AZ State Fair and the Arizona Cake and Sugar Art Show for decorating, and a blue ribbon coconut cake recipe. Woot!

2. I had a cow. Literally. I showed cows and heifers for Gilardi Cattle when I was in Jr. High and still living in Chico, CA. My heifers name was Naava, which means "pretty girl" in Hebrew. It was lots of work, but it was a great experience, I had a lot of fun, and it made me tough. Bumps and bruises are nothing to me now. 

3. One of my newest hobbies is temporary henna tattoos - specifically mhendi. I've done a few on myself and others and I'm not too bad anymore. I am still at the beginning of developing my own mhendi style, though. I love working with the henna dye, too. I've experienced how henna reacts differently depending on how you mix it with my henna hair color. 

4. I adore reading nonfiction. For whatever reason, I've never read a fiction book that makes me think the way a good autobiography can. That being said, I still try to be open-minded and varied when choosing books. I love when people suggest books for me to read! I almost always go find them. 

5. I want to go to Boston University. I'm applying to a few other schools too - University of Denver, University of Pittsburgh, Bates College, University of California Santa Clara to name a few - but Boston is where I'm set on. My kitten, Boston, was named after BU. I figured that was good luck. 

6. I cannot function without my contacts. My prescription is only a few away from being legally blind. It's pretty crazy when I don't wear my contacts because I forget what my world would be like unaltered. I am so thankful for contact lenses!   

7. I work at Jason's Deli. I'm lucky enough to be at a non-corporate location. My managers are awesome and I've got some funny coworkers. It's a really silly place to work, and the food is actually tasty. Plus, our kitchens front and back are super clean. I've seen restaurants that are just gross in the back - I could never work somewhere I wouldn't actually eat. 

8. I run a tutoring company called Chaparral Tutors. It's a franchise of Peer Tutors, LLC that I opened last January. I have ten tutors working for me, and we offer tutoring in every subject offered at Chaparral. It's been great business experience, and I hope that the business schools I'm applying to will appreciate this little forte. 

9. I have arthritis in my toes! My toes and ankles crack continuously with any movement. I can't even tip toe around at night because my toes go *crick clack* with every step. This makes practical jokes very difficult. 

10. My one big insecurity when it comes to clothing and dressing are my shoulders. My shoulders are really broad for a girl. Thats why I'm so insistent on highlighting my waist and not wearing empire lines - my body just looks huge unless I have something at my waist. Luckily, I adore 50s retro styles which almost always highlight the waist. 

And now, the other beautiful bloggers:

-La Sewista, who really puts time into the details of her sewing. She's working on a Channel Jacket right now, which I bet will be beautiful

-Quality Time. Angie is not only has my heart with all her pretty vintage sewing, but because she's super sweet! I asked a question about her piping and she responded with a whole tutorial. I've totally got a seamstress crush

-The Daily Skirt, who makes the most impressive garments in what seems like no time flat. Go checkout her new brown moto-jacket. It's gorgeous! 

-Kim's Kouture, who sews lots for herself and her family. This is one of the first sewing blogs I ever found through Pattern Review. I got the bug and read her whole backlog of posts one night. 

There are about a trillion other beautiful bloggers I know of, but I think that they have already been recognized with this award. I love that this award has really made it's way through the online sewing community.


  1. You are SUCH a sweetheart! And I'm so impressed (and exhausted) just reading all that you've accomplished. :D You're a go-getter! That's awesome! Thank you for the award too. :)

  2. Best of luck in getting into Boston--they would be lucky to get you! What do you plan on majoring in?