Vogue 2811 - Topstitching trials

This is my first project that features real topstitching. I don't have any of the attachments suggested to get great topstitching - well, technically I have a blind hem stitch foot but I'm pretty sure Sears sent me the wrong one because it doesn't fit my machine - so I'm stuck making due with my regular old presser foot. And it's not going too bad!

Yesterday in class I serged the edges of almost all of my pieces and pressed the side pocket curves. Getting the pocket curves even and lying flat was a pain in the rear with this thick denim. I didn't purchase this fabric for this project, but I'm making due because I couldn't find anything better locally. 

Other than the denim being a little heavier weight than I'd like, it's a great color and 100% cotton. I'm using grey Gutterman topstitching thread and a topstitching needle, with dark blue thread in the bobbin to make the topstiching stand out more. I read this tip on a blog, but I can't remember which one... darn it. 

My goal is that by friday I will have the back darts sewn and the back portion of the skirt assembled. This way I can tackle the fly front over the weekend, and then hopefully the waistband in class on Tuesday. Thats the plan, anyway.


  1. Your top stitching is awesome! I find that a clear pressure foot works best when trying to see what you're doing in cases like this. Great job!