Vogue 2811 Update

Today in class I stitched and pressed the back darts, prepared the back pockets, stitched and topstitched the center back seam. The fly front facings are prepared and sewn in, and the zipper will be next.

My goal is to get the fly front zip installed and topstitched before next Tuesday's class. I'd also like to have the waistband in, so all I have to do in class is the button hole and hem. The skirt is due at the end of class next week.

The only downside is that I might not actually get to wear this skirt. I bought a size 6-8-10 pattern because that is all that was on eBay, even though I measure a 12-14 for this skirt. Pattern Review had many saying that the pattern ran big, so I thought I would be ok without alteration. I won't know until I sew the side seams. Either way, the skirt is looking really good and I think that I'll get a solid grade on it, at least.


  1. You just hit on my biggest complaint with clothing--whether I buy it or sew it. You never know what a size is until you put it on. Tags in RTW mean NOTHING! I have everything from small to extra large in the closet to prove the point. And sewing at home goes the same way. Oh God, I just heard Forrest Gump in my head "It's like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get". Blow it out your ear Forrest!

  2. I've had the same thing happen to me recently; so I can totally relate. One day I'll learn to make a muslin first. My impatience to get it done quickly keeps me from doing so.