Inspiration Series #1 - Switzerland

My lovely Aunt Deb and her Swiss husband Aloise are graciously hosting me for 7 whole weeks this summer in Zurich. Their flat is just outside the city and gorgeous - It's covered in greenery. Albert Einstein lived there! Pretty cool, right?

I spent two weeks in Switzerland this October as an exchange student. I stayed with a family in Interlaken, meaning "a city between two lakes." The Borters are a great family, I really enjoyed my time there. My only regret from this trip was that everywhere I went, I was rushed. I didn't see anything thoroughly, or leisurely for that matter. 
I'll be venturing outside of Switzerland this summer to see Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. I'm really hoping that, in addition to seeing history and experiencing new cultures, I get to do some fabric shopping in the World's biggest fashion capitals. 

I've been thinking so much about all of the garments I'll want to sew when I come home with a head full of European style and know-how, that for a time I had forgotten completely about sewing for my trip. I'm going to spend the majority of the summer away from my sewing machine afterall, one could only hope I'll manage something pretty before I leave. (Which is June 10th, by the way). 
The photo above is of graffiti in Bern. You'd never know that was graffiti, right? It's artistic and lovely, precisely why I'm going to take inspiration from it as I plan my garments pre-Zurich. 

I feel the same about all of those European pastry cases. I was inspired by these last October - inspired to eat them, at least. I spent the summer of '09 at the gym to loose 15lbs only to eat my way back into 10 of them. (Still haven't lost that weight, darn). This time, I want to channel the pretty pastels into a Summery top for Europe. 
After reading this post on MPB, I checked out Polyvore.com. Um, SUPERCOOL! I didn't spend much time putting together my actual set, but I did flip through the categories enough to fall in love with the site. Hey Peter, I'm Polyvorous!

This is my "Zurich" set. Essentially I'm in love with the black dress. I really love the light layers over embellishment, and the cut out bodice. It's similar to this dress's lines, made by Lily of Sew Retro. I think the striped navy& black top would go really well from afternoon to evening with the right accessories.

The purses are very similar but from different designers. I really need a new bag. All of my purses are terrible.

I watched "An Education" last night. On top of being a fabulous movie with a relevant story line and great acting, the costumes are fantastic! I'm in love with all of the cute sheaths and cropped three-quarter length-sleeve jackets. And don't even start me on the wrist-length gloves and girly collars. The hairstyles are really cute too. More on hair in another post, though.

All of these things were considered, and the following list, which I shall call my "I can only wish I'll get to make half of this before I leave for Zurich" list. I'm challenging myself to a SWAP.
-A followy collared top for daytime
-A lightweight jacket (Vogue 8623, maybe?)
-Something that utilizes transparency and neutrals
-A dress with tiers and an uneven hem
-A giant carry-all bag with a fabulous lining
-Something ecru

I suppose my list is a bit makeshift and unspecific. I also lack fabric for ANY of these projects and only have one real source for anything locally, which is largely hit and miss. I suppose the sewing gods will have to look upon me kindly.

I'd also really love to buy a vintage necklace, but then again that might be a purchase better suited for Europe.

As always, I'd love to hear/see any pattern/fabric/garment suggestions :)


  1. Can you not buy your fabric over the internet?

  2. I can, but online shopping is so hit and miss. I want to be able to feel the fabric, you know? I like fabric.com - but their descriptions can be misleading. Plus, I want to sew NOW! lol.