Simplicity 2863

This is my less-than-satisfying version of Simplicity's Built By Wendy #2863 pattern, in view C. I used a 100% cotton knit from JoAnns on this, a fabric I really love. It's soft and delicate, and I'm a sucker for anything grass-green.
I went into this fully understanding that this is meant to be an oversized, slouchy top with  high neckline and button tabbed, cut-in sleeves. What I left with was an oversized rectangle with a slit at the top and too big button tabs. The neckline is so wide and the sleeve placement so off that my already wide shoulders are reminiscent of a line-backer. Not my best look, really.
**Please ignore the blue wrapping, I donated blood today.

Is it wearable? Eh, I suppose so. The neckline, which I folded down 2 inches further than it called for and is still unreasonably high, makes this shirt easy to wear off the shoulder, which I suppose makes it look a bit more intentional. I didn't bother finding "perfect" buttons or hemming this, as it is essentially a muslin now.
I say muslin because I feel that this would be an easy pattern to alter. Only 2 pieces really, and all that needs to be done is width taken off a bit. I can do this.
The pattern review is here.
More backlogged projects to come in the next few days!

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