McCall's 6070

I finished McCall's 6070 last night and wore it to school today.

I lightened the pictures quite a bit so you can see the dress a bit better. I used a 100% organic cotton jersey knit from Fabric.com. The dress was really great at first, but after a day of wear had stretched out in the most unfortunate way...

Now, I'm a fairly curvy girl, but uh, thats not all me. The sagging and bagging from where the fabric stretched is really pronounced. Before I started sitting down, it looked awesome though. Since it's 100% cotton, I'm hoping that a quick ride in the dryer will help restore its shape. If not, I might try deliberately stretching the bottom to even it out and prevent bagging.

 I love the shape of the bodice. I had to use tighter elastic than called for to get it to fit my waist, however, and the bust is certainly a bit loose. I cut and made a 12 straight from the envelope, but I'm thinking I could have gone a size smaller. 
I do plan to make this again, maybe cut short as a top. If I do I'll take about 1'' of length from the bodice and maybe a bit from the sides to help fit my small bust better and hopefully give a more empire line. 
Overall, it's comfy and easy to throw on, which is exactly what I wanted. I wore it with cute blueish earrings and sandals. 

The pattern review is here. I was the first to review it!


  1. Thanks for your review of this pattern. I tried it a few weeks ago and it was a disater for me. I was using slinky knit--not recommended for anything in my opinion after this. I had trouble with the elastic in the gathering at the shoulders. In the end I now own a red slinky knit SKIRT. So cudos to you for successfully making the dress regardless of the butt bag :) BIG SMILE. Fabric selections are difficult aren't they? Blogging at http://summersetsewing.blogspot.com/

  2. Haha, well at least you were able to salvage a skirt from it! I ruined the prettiest cut of grey knit-like polysomething (very cheap, thank god) trying to use it for a pattern it simply wasn't made for, but I didn't even end up with a headband outa that.