15 Minuets to May 1st

I wanted to post my self-imposed Me-Made-May-Lite rules before the month of May actually begins. I will be wearing 1 article of clothing produced by my own hand each day, excluding pajamas and gym clothes. I will include refashioned items, simply because I don't have very many me-made items right now. If, for any reason, I cannot wear either a Me-Made top, bottom or dress, I will allow myself an emergency exception if I wear 2 me made accessories - such as a bag and a hair scarf, for example. This option will only be utilized in an absolute laundry emergency, which I certainly hope to avoid.

I am taking the SAT tomorrow morning and have my green Simplicity 2863 set out with a pair of jeans. The top is comfy and that is exactly what I need for a long standardized test like this. I've taken the SAT once before, in December, but am taking it again just to maximize my scores. Wish me luck!

I also cut and sewed up New Look 6178 view E in the border print rayon Challis. I absolutely love it so far. It was really quick, which I needed, and I used bias tape to finish the waist. I just need to take 5 minuets to attach the ties and put up photos.

My next project will need to be a top, because I only have 1 Me-Made top right now. Possibly the HotPatterns Riviera Once, Twice, Three Times a Tshirt pattern, although I've read a lot about people needing to redraft the funky neckline on that and I'd really like a quick fix so I have something new to wear for Me Made May by the end of the weekend. Kwik Sew 3395 (pictured) is also an option, but I don't know how gung-ho on gathers I am right now. I also like McCall's 5853 view A, but I don't have any fabrics that seem appropriate for this top. Any thoughts?

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