I got in a fight with my Kenmore, and this happened.

I've been lusting over vintage sewing machines a lot recently. Apparently older machines are just superior to modern machines in stitch quality, reliability, and my understanding is that they are usually less expensive to fix.

Well, I read this post on Male Pattern Boldness (which, by the way, is pretty much the most awesomely open and insightful blog you're going to find, with frequent projects and lovely vintage patterns)

... and decided I wanted a Genie. I researched them further and they just seem to have excellent reviews all around. So I eBay searched them, just out of curiosity. Oh, one in beautiful condition listed the ends in an hour? No, I don't need it. Thats an impulse purchase, I'm smarter than that.

And then I ignored my smart side.

I am so excited, and can't wait to find my Genie in the mail. My boring, modern, sub-par Kenmore is going to be totally jealous. Good.

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