Me-Made-May-Lite days 6 & 7 AND Mothers Day Sewing

May 6th - Black and white border print wrap skirt from New Look 6178 and a sky blue Tshirt.

May 7th - McCall's 6070 black maxi dress, with giant earrings and yucky hair.

I didn't bother taking pictures because I didn't wear either outfit in a way you haven't seen before. My outfit today, the 8th, is pretty cute though, so I'll take pictures later.

Mother's Day completely crept up on me. For Christmas, I made my mom a purse, so that avenue was out. My mom wouldn't be happy with anything I made for her to wear, mostly because she's not happy with her weight and hates clothes right now, even though she's beautiful. Another thing to consider is that her birthday is the weekend after Mother's Day, so I'd like to be able to make a two part gift.

I went through my sewing books and decided that a very stylish lunch pail would be a nice mother's day present, and for her birthday I can make her a makeup bag and/or wallet that matches. (She doesn't read my blog, so I'm not too worried about the secret leaking). I'm using a light blue and white damask print canvas from fabric.com that I never actually ordered. It came with a sticker saying "rayon jersey jute," which is what I had ordered, lol. They have awesome customer service though, and credited me for the cut I didn't receive and let me keep the canvas. It's actually really cute, so I'm happy to get to use it.

I'm drafting my own pattern, half from my brain and half from the book Quilted Bags and Purses by Mary Jo Hiney. The book was a present from my Grandma. I'm not really into quilting bags right now, but I like the shape of a lot of the projects.

Anywho, right now I'm trying to figure out how to give the pail short handles but also a fold over closure. I'm using a shape similar to the bag on the cover, with the width tapering towards the top. My bag is going to have side panels as well though. One option would be to sew the handles directly into the front and back top of the bag, but I don't think thats the best option stylistically. Does anyone else have suggestions?

Here is a very messy and confusing sketch, though I doubt anyone but me can understand my scribbles.

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