Me-Made-May-Lite, days 4 & 5

May 4th - Me-Made vintage pillow skirt, organic cotton Tshirt and earrings of unknown origin. The Tshirt is not quite as black as in the photo, but it's much darker than your traditional heather grey. I love this Tshirt, it's not tight fitting but not billowy either. I'd love to trace it one day to make a pattern...

May 5th - Me-Made A-line skirt in some Amy Butler print, mass-produced and environmentally unfriendly black Tshirt, giant grey cardigan from Goodwill. This was one of my first sewing projects, I didn't even know who Amy Butler was at the time. I made it in a class at The Fancy Tiger in Denver, CO while visiting my grandma last summer. The seams aren't finished, just zigzagged, yuck. The shoes are Nordstrom B.P. brand, and I wear them almost every day. They are about 4'' tall but only have a 2'' heel, and I love love love them. My hair was wet and icky, hence the headless shot. 

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