McCall's 6070 top

After my first experience with McCall's 6070 as a maxi dress, I mentioned that I could see it as a top instead. I used a light cotton/lycra knit from SAS fabrics by the pound which was scored for $4 for two yards. Boo-yah!

I loved the wrap over front and back and the lightly gathered shoulders, but I wasn't so crazy about the empire shape. I'm not a very busty girl, so hitting right under my bust isn't the most flattering cut. For the top, I added an extra 2'' in length to the bottom of the top front and back piece so that the top would hit at my waist. I overlapped the pieces by an extra 1'' or so in both the front and back, to keep the neckline at a decent level and reduce the amount of bust gathers I would need. 

I wanted the top to be fitted, so I reduced the width of the midriff bands as well. I didn't actually use a pattern piece to cut these, just two rectangles adjusted to fit as I went. 

I didn't want to gather the skirt portion around the whole midriff band as in the original pattern because this didn't do anything stylistically for me. Instead, I cut the front and back skirt portions at 3/4ths the original width so I would have less excess fabric and gathered only in the very center front and center back. 

I really like this top. I haven't added any elastic at the waist, and I might not. The top is fairly fitted as is, but after a day of wearing I think it might need a tiny bit of elastic. If it rides up the front gapes open. I'd like to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, thank you very much. 

Overall, I love the top. I really, really despise my photos though. I'm using photobooth on my laptop to take them, and I can't for the life of me find a proper place or lighting to get a decent product. Hmph.

I'm a little bit stuck as to what my next project will be. I've got general ideas floating around - expect an inspiration post soon.


  1. You did it again, another great sewing job. The changes you made to the original pattern were also a great idea. The top looks really good on you too!

  2. Great top. The alterations you have made give you a really good, flattering fit. I love the fabric you have used.