Me-Made-May-Lite Days 8, 9, & 10

May 8th - Me-Made purple New Look 6873 worn with an Old Navy gray wifebeater, purple head scarf and flip flops, and displayed in a terrible photobooth photo.

May 9th - Me-Made black McCall's 6070 Maxi dress, then later I changed into the purple New Look skirt (photo above, kinda) with a crisp white top and heels for Mother's Day Dinner.

May 10th -New! Me-Made McCall's 5853 top in blue and white stripe cotton/lycra jersey knit, with jeans and a lightweight black jacket. This top isn't finished, I was only able to get the neck and one armhole's binding on, so the jacket served to hide the unfinished armhole. I will post a review when I finish it, but so far I can say it was very quick and easy, but I think it's too roomy for my taste. I shortened the straps quite a lot, and the armholes just seem so weirdly big. I cut the smallest size.

My biggest reason for joining Me-Made-May was to motivate myself to sew more, more often. I knew that with APs finishing and school ending, I would (hopefully) have more free time than usual this month. After this week, my classes are basically over and it's 2 weeks of watching Simpson's reruns and graduation parties. I will probably show a few graduation cake photos, as I've promised 2 so far and will probably end up making a few more. For those of you that haven't seen my other blog, though I no longer post on it, I am a self-taught cake decorator and absolutely adore fondant.

Gosh, I can really go on a tangent. No wonder no one reads my blog.

My point somewhere in there was, I'm excited to see how many pieces I can sew during the month of May. So far I'm at like 1.8; the NL wrap skirt and now the McCall's tank. I want to sew another top before I move on to dresses or, god forbid, another skirt.

Regarding the mother's day lunch pail - I drafted the pattern, used a ton of stiff interfacing, and sewed everything up as planned. Nothing went awry! I still have a little bit of hand sewing to finish the very very last seam, but it's done for the most part so I gave it to my mom as is, and she liked it well enough. I'll post photos of that when it's done.


  1. Great job on your May projects! I have a problem making myself wear something I have made. Ok, not the wadders, but the good stuff and the so-so stuff. So far I havae worn one dress I made this year. Shame on me! I really want to see that lunch pail you made your mom. So I'll be checking back and I'll mention your blog on my blog. I only have a handful of followers but maybe they will visit you.

  2. I love that blue and white striped shirt! *must...resist...urge..to...buy...more...patterns....*

  3. Aw, thats really nice Toocutedobs! Just for the record, the "no one reads my blog" bit was a joke, I'm not just exceptionally bitter :)

    Sophie - Don't buy the pattern! resist! The armholes are kinda big anyway.